Oct. 24th, 2012

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Assignments have been sent! Some things to remember as you begin writing:

  • reasons you are allowed to request a reassignment:
    If you were assigned pairing(s)/character(s), scenarios, or situations that your sign-up explicitly said you could not write.

    If a prompt is "G through NC-17" and you said you don't write porn, then write a less than NC-17 rated story. If your prompt says, "Eunhae, Hanchul, Kyumin" and you only indicated that you would write Kyumin, then only write the Kyumin pairing.

    If your prompt is "only NC-17" rating or "Eunhae" and you had indicated you don't write porn and only write Kyumin, then you are allowed to ask for a reassignment.

  • reasons you are not allowed to request a reassignment:
    1) If you received a prompt that contains something you don't want to write, but had not indicated when filling out your sign-up form. If you were assigned mpreg and you can't write that, but your sign-up says "I'll write anything," don't get mad that we took you at your word.

    2) If you don't like your prompt. Not an excuse. There is little chance that we will reassign you.

  • you do not have to use every prompt. You have to use at least one, and you can use several if you wish, but if you can't use a prompt, ignore it.
With that said, if you absolutely need a reassignment, please tell us asap.

► last day to drop is november 14. Let us know sooner rather than later. Dropping after this date (or not finishing at all) will result in a ban from future exchanges :(

► a friendly reminder that your fic must be in English, 2,000 words minimum, and no WIPs.

get a beta-reader. This is not optional. You can find one at [livejournal.com profile] willbetaforfood or [community profile] betaplease if you need to.

► your fic is due by 11:59PM EST, NOVEMBER 24, 2012. Please use this converter to see what that is in your time zone. Note: You can submit your fic early! Earlier is better. Just don't submit it late.

► e-mail it to SUJUEXCHANGE@GMAIL.COM with your username as the subject. Send the fic as an attached ".txt" file and use LJ HTML formatting.
  • if you don't know how to create a .txt:
    For Windows, copy-and-paste your fic into Notepad and save it. It will automatically save as a .txt file.
    For Mac, copy-and-paste your fic into TextEdit, click on the "Format" menu, and select "Make plain text" as illustrated here. Then save the file as whatever TextEdit's default settings are—we'll accept it.

  • if you don't know HTML:
    <b>bold.</b> = bold.
    <i>italic.</i> = italic.
    <u>underline.</u> = underline.

use this header at the top of your fic.
note how there's no author section. The exchange is anonymous until December 16, when the authors will be revealed. Don't spoil the surprise!

► to ensure readability, we reserve the right to adjust formatting and fix typos as needed. (Get a beta-reader.)

► after you've received your assignment, leave a comment on this post acknowledging that you've read this and have received your assignment. Please include the word "santa." That will confirm your participation in the exchange. Please comment before october 31.

happy writing, and happy holidays! ♥


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