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2012 Master List & Author Reveals

2012 Master List

✧ please leave comments, and you must thank your writer!
✧ you can comment on DW and/or LJ.
authors are revealed, please reply to comments freely :).

Remember: NO HATE, NO DRAMA.
Follow Thumper's good example.

Without further ado:

[ profile] static_abyss wrote Crack me open, hold me close (Siwon/Sungmin, R) for [ profile] emo_what97 [LJ mirror]

[ profile] mysapphiresky wrote Blood Ties (Kyuhyun/Sungmin, PG-13) for everyone [LJ mirror]

[ profile] kat_elric wrote Princes and Dolls (Kyuhyun/Sungmin, PG-13) for [ profile] mysapphiresky [LJ mirror]

[ profile] goldintheshadow wrote Chance Meetings (Donghae/Ryeowook, PG-13) for [ profile] mywookness [LJ mirror]

[ profile] amalious wrote The Pursuit of Normalcy (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, PG-13) for [ profile] ava_lava [LJ mirror]

[ profile] domofo wrote Build Up (Donghae/Kyuhyun, NC-17) for [ profile] goldintheshadow [LJ mirror]

[ profile] ava_lava wrote find me when i’m lost, miss me when i’m gone (Kangin/Leeteuk, Han Geng/Heechul, PG-13) for [ profile] scampers3212 [LJ mirror]

[ profile] phoenix_soar wrote Speechless (Kyuhyun/Yesung, PG-13) for [ profile] angelye [LJ mirror]

[ profile] ava_lava wrote before the fires go cold (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, PG-13) for everyone [LJ mirror]

[ profile] emo_what97 wrote sugar, we're going down swinging (Eunhyuk/Heechul, PG-13) for [ profile] phoenix_soar [LJ mirror]

[ profile] scampers3212 wrote Us (Kangin/Leeteuk, PG) for everyone [LJ mirror]

[ profile] angelye wrote Bittersweet (Kyuhyun/Ryeowook/Yesung, G) for [ profile] sparksfly7 [LJ mirror]

[ profile] mysapphiresky wrote You Are Hiding A Secret (Kyuhyun/Sungmin, PG-13) for [ profile] bomchii_97 [LJ mirror]

[ profile] silkekim wrote Modern Love (Ryeowook/Sungmin, R) for [ profile] kat_elric [LJ mirror]

[personal profile] pointlessnuances wrote Inferior (Donghae/Eunhyuk, Donghae/Jessica, R) for [ profile] cheese_on_sauce [LJ mirror]

[ profile] sparksfly7 wrote A Million Tears Into the Sea (Donghae/Kyuhyun, PG-13) for [ profile] silkekim [LJ mirror]

[ profile] mywookness wrote Original Soundtracks (To Our Love Story) (Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Ryeowook/Yesung, PG-13) for everyone [LJ mirror]

[ profile] mywookness wrote Morning Dew (Han Geng/Siwon, R) for [ profile] lopkite [LJ mirror]

[ profile] carmine_pink wrote Think We Kissed But I Forgot (Kyuhyun/Yesung, PG-13) for [ profile] domofo [LJ mirror]

[ profile] pinkymingo wrote Only Human (Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, PG) for [ profile] amalious [LJ mirror]

[ profile] bomchii_97 wrote When a Rich Boy Falls in Love (Sungmin/Zhou Mi, NC17) for [ profile] pinkymingo [LJ mirror]

[ profile] cheese_on_sauce wrote In Which Kyuhyun Hates Coffee But Yesung Doesn't (Kyuhyun/Yesung, PG-13) for [ profile] carmine_pink [LJ mirror]

[ profile] goldintheshadow wrote Specialty Coffee (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Han Geng/Heechul, Siwon/Sungmin) for [personal profile] static_abyss [LJ mirror]

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success, especially our fantastic pinch-hitters [ profile] goldintheshadow, [ profile] ava_lava, [ profile] mysapphiresky, and [ profile] mywookness.

May you all have a healthy and happy holiday season and new year! :)

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