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sujuexchange ([personal profile] sujuexchange) wrote2012-12-01 12:55 am

Posting begins in 3, 2...

Posting will begin later today! Some things to remember:

  • You must leave a comment on your gift fic thanking your author (when it's posted). You can leave comments on LJ or DW.

  • Besides that, we encourage you to comment on all the fics you read and enjoy! :D

  • Remember that all authors must remain anonymous until the masterlist is posted. If you want to reply to comments left on your fic, please wait until after author reveals, since we don't have anon commenting on. Don't reveal anyone else's identities either!

  • Please heed Thumper's wise words :) Be excellent to each other.

You can keep updated when new fics post by friending this journal (either on DW or LJ), or by following us on twitter @sujuexchange.

Happy holidays!