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Santa, you are the one;


sign-ups end oct. 23, 2012
assignments sent oct. 24, 2012
fics due via e-mail by 11:59PM EST, nov. 24, 2012
fic posting begins on dec. 1, 2012
authors revealed on dec. 16, 2012

note: we send a lot of PMs while discussing sign-ups. Check them. No word in 24 hours = you're good.

☆ ☆ ☆ about

This is a secret santa exchange! That means that you sign up to write someone a fic and receive a fic from someone else in return. All fic writers will remain anonymous until the reveal date to make it more exciting!

Note: this is a hate-free zone. :)

☆ ☆ ☆ how to play

✧ this exchange includes the entire super junior family (i.e., you can ask for Zhou Mi and Henry fic).

✧ fics must be in english with a 2,000 word minimum and use LJ HTML formatting (e.g., <b>...</b> instead of bolding). Completed fics only (i.e., no WIPs).

✧ your fic must be e-mailed AS AN ATTACHED .TXT FILE, NOTHING ELSE, to by the deadline of 11:59PM EST, november 24, 2012.

✧ Your fic must be beta-read. If you don't have a beta-reader, go find one at [ profile] willbetaforfood or [community profile] betaplease.

✧ you have until november 14, 2012 to drop. If you drop after that or do not hand in your fic at all, you're banned from future exchanges. :( The earlier you let us know, the better!

✧ fics will begin to be posted here on december 1, 2012. Posting will last for one week. Authors will be revealed on december 8, 2012. Don't post your fic online anywhere until the authors are revealed! That would be telling :).

leave a comment here using this form (all comments are screened). Delete the text in brackets. Don't touch the HTML formatting. PLEASE ANSWER EVERYTHING, more info is better than less!

If you do not have a Dreamwidth account but still want to participate in the exchange, please read this FAQ entry.

✧ the mods will assign writers to the prompts, and on october 24 you will receive word from us (either through e-mail or pm, depending on your preference) giving you your assignment! Get writing!

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(writing journal/comm adverts are especially appreciated)

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Super Junior Holiday Fanfic Exchange!
Sign-ups last until October 23! All are welcome to participate—join now!